CIX Introduction

Feb 08, 2023

From Chip Bulloch / Founder & CEO

I was a member of an entrepreneur think tank in Atlanta, GA in 2019. We kept hearing about cryptocurrency but no one could really explain it to our satisfaction. We knew though, inherently, that this force could not be ignored.  

I took it upon myself to research the subject and it became an obsession. I read 20 books on the subject and joined multiple subscription services to learn and stay on top of the subject. I invested a substantial amount, but finally decided that to invest intelligently, I needed a team of Experts. I sought out and found three that had a wide range of knowledge on the subject. Each had 7 years experience on a topic that had been around for approximately 10 years. 

Using concepts and disciplines from the legacy financial system, like Index Funds and Dollar Cost Averaging, and patience, I have achieved returns beyond what index funds in the stock world could provide.

Now I have organized this data for those who want to have vetted information and actionable plans, that take very little of your time. Believe me, you could spend three lifetimes chasing down information on this subject, and most of it would be a waste of time.

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