The Countach Returns to Italy


Welcome to the REST of the story about how one man's dream to own a Countach is expanding into an opportunity for an unparalleled, unique Lamborghini restoration experience.

From the desk of: Chip Bulloch, Founder & CEO /
To: Fellow Exotic Car Enthusiast

Dear Fellow Exotic Car Enthusiast,

Like almost every boy in the early 80s, when I first saw a picture of the Countach, I knew I had to have it! And since my net worth was less than zero at the time, a poster of it on my bedroom wall had to suffice.

Fast forward 20 years, and I bought one. It was riddled with problems and didn’t run very often, but still, there was something very satisfying about looking at it in person and sitting in it. After tens of thousands of dollars in repairs that didn’t seem to work, I sold it and bought my current Countach, a 1987 Quattrovalve.

In 2004 I was invited to Lamborghini’s 40th Anniversary celebration in Italy. I took a film crew and produced a DVD called “40 Years of Excellence”. I was fortunate to meet legendary test driver Valentino Balboni who graciously granted me an interview. He was the highlight of the DVD, and I have stayed in touch with him since then.

In 2008 I wrote a substantial check to a shop in Atlanta, GA, to go through all of the car’s systems to repair and upgrade them. Unfortunately, the shop owner had some legal issues shortly after that, and I didn’t want my car to get into the middle of bankruptcy - the apparent direction. So the engine and transmission were crated up, and the car and two big crates would wait patiently for me to decide what to do next.

In 2010 I married into three kids, and my exotic car life went on hold. But now it’s back!

I am starting a cryptocurrency advisory service. A focus will be on creating projects with tenacles in both the physical and digital worlds. The first of such projects is NFT’ing my Countach and having Valentino restore it in Italy. I have put the car into an LLC, dividing it into 100 shares. Accredited investors that I know can purchase a share that comes with fractional car ownership. They will receive an NFT as a receipt.

In early 2023 I am flying the car to Italy, where Valentino and his team will bring the car back to life. It was an easy decision to let Valentino rebuild the car. I was having dinner with him in Monterey, California, in 2022 when he told me about the team of artisans and mechanics that he had assembled. They are restoring Miuras and Countaches. I remember the “SOLD moment.” He said, “I’ve assembled a small team of mechanics and artisans… and, by the way, they are the same men who built your car in 1987. Chills came over me, and without hesitation, I said, “DONE.” A truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Shareholder/NFT owners will be given a first look at videos of the restoration AND, most importantly, an experiential component, including a ride in the car with Valentino, a much-coveted experience.

Get to Italy, and you will meet Valentino and his team. When the car is completed, Valentino will give rides to shareholders. Then they will be given a guided tour of Valentino’s shop, the Lamborghini Factory & Museum, Pagani’s Factory and showroom, and Ferrari’s factory.

A secondary-tier NFT program for the Countach is in development now...

Founder& CEO /

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